Environmental Protection



Here is an increasing demand for motor tires in China, and an increasing expectation of consumers for tires. More and more people expect to have tires that are more environment friendly and save more oil.

Wanli Tire is dedicated to the development of new environment friendly, energy efficient and comfortable tires, and gives full play to the maximum value of the existing resources.

By virtue of technical innovation for products, compliance with environmental protection laws and regulations, we are trying hard to reduce pollution brought to tire manufacture and the application of tires while helping customers save oil for motors and achieve energy saving and emission reduction in the process of using tires.

In order to create a better world future, we are making every effort in manufacturing the tires that are satisfactory to customers, comfortable, environment friendly and energy efficient!




We love living, work and life as well.

Safety is the common demand in the mankind. Safety is the foundation for a happy life; safety is the yell for coagulation of blood, and safety is a broad road to a harmonious society.

Everyone should be responsible to safety, and nobody may shirk responsibility. At any moment, even the least neglect, disregard or omission of safety of his or her own and others will be the most dangerous enemy to us. Without respect for others’ life and 100% of sense of responsibility, there will be no safety guarantee.

For the sake of families, enterprises and the society, we take a solemn oath: We are determined to promote a perfect safety environment and sustainably improve the safety system to ensure everybody’s happiness, health and safety.